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Glutathione is a potent, naturally-occurring antioxidant in the human body. It has been heralded in recent news and studies as an extremely important element for keeping our body functioning in optimum condition.

Lack of glutathione has even been linked as possible cause for the development of autism in children. The following article will give an in-depth overview of glutathione, including its mechanisms of action, its multiple benefits to our health, as well as ways in which we can incorporate more of it into our diets through foods and naturally-occurring supplements.

Eating foods rich in sulphur-containing amino acids aids in naturally increasing glutathione levels.Some food sources that are rich in glutathione are asparagus, broccoli and avocado.

If we ingest glutathione naturally through the food we eat, this antioxidant usually shows no signs of side effects. Some of the building blocks for glutathione, such as S-Adenosyl-Methione, have been linked to gastrointestinal problems. Pharmaceutical drugs such as NAC (n-acetyl-cysteine) which raise glutathione have significant side effects and should be avoided.In general, glutathione is considered to be free of side-effects. In extremely high doses it is related to mild skin whitening.

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